mandag 1. oktober 2012

Some catalogue pics

Picture from Princess fall catalogue - out in stores now.

Stylist: Susanne Swegen
Stylist assistant: Silje Aune Eriksen
Photographer: Sturla Bakken

Kamille Ideer

1. issue of Kamille Ideer is out!
Including a home reportage at my place and a feature with my hints and tips on how to display your green plants... 

Grønn hverdag
Styling : Silje Aune Eriksen
Photo: Sturla Bakken

Home reportage at my house
Styling : Silje Aune Eriksen
Photo: Sturla Bakken


This fall I´ve been doing some prototype work for the talented designer Hallgeir Homstvedt.

Tangent, a series of porcelain vases with strong Neodymium magnets attached at the bottom and cast iron trays.The magnet lock the vases in an upright position while at the same time allow for free movement within the tray.

The rounded base of the vases is tangent to the tray, creating an appearance of the vases floating on the surface.

Hallgeir has now shown the project at

Tingenes tilstand
Gallery TM51 Oslo, 

Norway30.08 - 02.09

100% Norway
Dray Walk GalleryTent, 

London20.9 – 23.9


fredag 11. mai 2012

torsdag 3. mai 2012

mandag 16. april 2012

Time to be grateful

It´s time to show some gratefulness... To your teacher, the guy at the gas station, the girl behind the counter where you buy your morning coffee...
Thank You Too is a small project started by Hugo Verweij en Joachim Baan. It's a business-card sized booklet with 30 cards, 5 post cards and a stamp.

It is as Hugo & Joachim say: "It's wonderful to see how little things can change the world around us. They can make people happy, make people wonder and make people love. Thank you for that!"

Spread the word and carma will love you forever!